Saturday, May 8, 2010

Conservative Hires Male Escort For "Baggage"

A Baptist minister named George Rekers, who was also a founder of the Family Research Council and is an officer of the conservative National Association For Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (or "NARTH"), has apparently been caught on a two week vacation to Europe with a young male escort who goes by the professional name "Lucien."  

For his part Rekers has admitted taking the trip with "Lucien" but explained that the whole thing has been mis-interpreted: the retired Rekers merely needed someone to carry his suitcases while on vacation because he has a bad back. What Rekers did not add is that "Lucien" was apparently contractually obligated to give Rekers a 1 hour massage each day in the hotel room that the two shared.  CNN caught up with "Lucien" and he is interviewed as part of this 4 minute story on the whole affair embedded below.

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