Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where Would You Want Your Aston Martin?

Let's say you're a 28 year old bachelor. Three weeks ago you bought yourself a brand new $200,000 Aston Martin.  And then let's say that last Saturday night you're hosting a friend's birthday party at your house. At 7 AM Sunday morning the party is still going strong: the girls are in your bedroom, including your 22 year old girlfriend Jade, while the guys are downstairs in the kitchen. Suddenly you all hear the terrible crash of your bedroom window breaking and a loud, desperate scream as your girlfriend falls backwards through it and onto your driveway two stories below. 

Would you, in that moment, hope that your brand new $200,000 Aston Martin was parked in the driveway to break her fall?  Or would you instead catch yourself secretly hoping the car was in the garage?

One young man in Scotland got the answer last weekend, when the hood of his Aston Martin got the worst of the incident (to the tune of thousands of dollars in damage).  According to the newspaper article that you can read HERE, his girlfriend Jade is now recovering at home, while he was said to be "distressed" by the whole incident.

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