Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Times Square Bomber and Red Lobster

By all accounts, the failed Times Square bomber, 30 year-old Fasial Shahzad, was a 'normal guy' before he became a terrorist; one who, among other things, enjoyed eating at Red Lobster apparently, according to an article this morning on The Daily Beast (which you can read HERE).   This article goes on to suggest that Shahzad was radicalized after seeing successful US drone attacks on Taliban leadership during a recent return visit to his hometown in northern Pakistan.

Maybe it's just coincidence, then, that I saw a TV commercial for Red Lobster last night which noted that the pricing on their current special, the "Festival of Shrimp," is higher in Hawaii and Times Square. (You can see that notation on their website HERE under the "Festival of Shrimp" tab.)

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  1. Red Lobster- "We don't breed terrorists, just feed 'em!"