Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's Wrong, Cookie Monster?

While reading with my two year old daughter this morning we came across this page, which caught my eye. That's the Cookie Monster, of course, with Oscar The Grouch. I remember them from my own childhood. But is that an apple he's eating? Wow Cookie Monster: "They" have gotten to you now, too, huh. Even you. Then truly no one is safe.....

But that was quickly trumped by the following passage in an "olde tyme" children's storybook we went on to read. One story, about a teddy bear named "Ted," was titled Tough Ted Loses His Growl. I hadn't ever heard of it before, so as I was reading it to her, every word was new to me. I quickly found myself unwittingly saying the following aloud:
"'If he doesn't stop complaining soon I'm going to stuff my hat in his mouth,' whispered Soldier to Clown as they sat on the shelf. 'Not if I put my juggling balls in there first!' said Clown. All the toys giggled."

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