Saturday, November 14, 2009

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Then And Now

When the news broke that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other accused 9/11 conspirators were to be tried in civilian courts in Manhattan, something about the photos of the men struck me as odd. Why wasn't there a photo of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? Remember him, the guy who at the time of his arrest in Pakistan in 2003 (at left in the photos above) looked like he'd been up all night compulsively downloading free internet porn? Well, it turns out he was pictured in those news photos after all. He'd just changed his look. That's the more recent picture of him at right in the photos above, which was released yesterday. Hmmmmm....

Where have we seen this little "trick" before? Oh, yeah, it was at the Saddam Hussein trial. Remember how Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti (photo at left), Saddam's half-brother and former intelligence chief, suddenly began wearing a shimagh (the traditional Middle Eastern men's head scarf) in court, as did "good old" Chemical Ali?

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