Saturday, November 7, 2009

EPCOT: "Power Scooter" Beaten Like Rented Mule

We're at EPCOT today in Walt Dinsey World. I just watched as a woman in her 60s (who weighed 250 lbs if she weighed an ounce) drove by in one of those motorized wheelchair "power scooter" devices with her husband in tow. Literally. He was also wheelchair bound heavy-set, and was sporting a white beard that was a little dirty, making him look like a cross between Santa and Willie Nelson. But his wheelchair wasn't motorized. So in his left hand he was holding a blue nylon strap about 5 feet long that was attached at the other end to the back of his wife's power scooter. Like he was water skiing, almost. The crowd parted as they cruised by and so many people took notice that the man raised his right hand in acknowledgement. In it he was proudly holding a clear plastic schooner of dark beer, oblivious to the strained hummm of his wife's overexerted "electric convenience vehicle."

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