Friday, November 13, 2009

Jon Stewart On Lou Dobbs Quitting CNN

On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart discussed Lou Dobbs' abrupt departure from CNN. Embedded below is the 5 minute clip. The first 2 minutes fall pretty flat, but the last 3 minutes, where Stewart skewers Dobbs' very vague explanation for his departure, are pretty funny. Jon Stewart clearly doesn't like Lou Dobbs. I don't share that view. But I found some of this funny nonetheless.

Lou Dobbs has evolved over the years from the straight-faced, baritone-voiced anchor of the business show Moneyline on CNN into an increasingly opinionated populist commentator. I don't share some of his most infamous, more recent views. But I did watch Moneyline pretty regularly. And I have a pretty intense antipathy for those groups and TV commentators who have so casually and vehemently labelled him a "racist" merely because of his stridently expressed opinions on illegal immigration. (I remember watching a profile of him on 60 Minutes a few years ago which revealed that his wife is hispanic.)

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