Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey Girls: Get This Guy Before He's Off The Market!

On the shuttle bus from our hotel to Walt Disney World this morning, there was a young couple in their mid-20s sitting across from us. They were pretty clean cut, if a little arty. From their accents, they were from New Jersey. She was dressed all in back, to go with her raven hair, including a black cotton maoist army hat of the sort that Che Guevara might have worn. He had short black hair, and was wearing a striped Izod shirt, jeans and some flamboyantly mod black loafers. What first drew my attention to their conversation was when he mentioned Disney's recent corporate take-over of Marvel Comics to her. Then he quickly went on to say, "but the best part is that every Target employee gets a big discount on all Target merchandise, including toys. So I get all my action figures there. That's a huge benefit, when you think about it," he enthused.

She didn't seem to react at all to this, but instead stared even more purposefully out the window, while caressing her plastic Disney purse and pack of cigarettes.

Undaunted by her seeming ambivalence to this, he quickly added, "and I get to pick whatever ones I want before they put them out on the store shelves!"

She then stared straight ahead, expressionless, but found herself unintentionally catching my eye and so instantly dropped her gaze to the floor.

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