Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Photo That Should Send The Salahis To Jail

It's also further revealing about her, I think, that Michaele Salahi's claim she was once a cheerleader for the NFL's Washington Redskins is now reportedly being disputed by the Redskins themselves, who say they have no record of her. (And is that the Prime Minister of India in the background of this photo?)
In that photo above Michaele looks like a pathological Cinderella, who desperately wants this magical night to never end but who knows she needs to flee the ball by midnight, before she turns back into the bankrupt, publicity-seeking, serial liar that she seems to be. (Embarrassingly for the secret service, it's being reported that the Salahis were never discovered as crashers at the state dinner, but rather left of their own accord at the end of the evening.)

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  1. I agree 100% they both should go to jail. It does not matter if you support Obama, it is the fact that White House security and protocol failed to keep our Commander and Chief as well as India's head of state and other guess safe. I do not care if you have a camera crew with you if your name is not on the guess list they should have been detained and escorted off the premises.