Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ABC News: 50,000 Jobs Not Really From Stimulus

ABC News is reporting today that the non-partisan Government Accountability Office is now saying that more than 50,000 of the jobs that the Obama Administration has claimed have been created by their $787 billion "stimulus package" to date are related to projects that have not yet spent any stimulus funds. (That's more than 1 out of every 10 jobs that have purportedly been created by the stimulus, according to White House claims.) You can read the entire article by clicking HERE.

That's in addition to other embarrassing revelations yesterday about these White House job claims, including that $761,420 in stimulus funds had created 30 jobs in Arizona's 15th Congressional District -- a district that does not exist. And remember when the White House had to apologize for all of the inaccuracies in its initial stimulus-related job claims several months ago? (Is that Britney Spears singing, "Oops, I did it again..."?) As an aside, it's just coincidental that China, our largest foreign creditor, holds $800 billion of our Treasuries, almost exactly equal to the entire cost of President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package.

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