Thursday, September 17, 2009

US To Scrap Missile Defense In Europe

President Obama announced this morning that he is scrapping President Bush's planned missile defense system in Eastern Europe, in favor of a reconfigured system focused on intercepting shorter-range Iranian missiles. The missile defense shield planned by the Bush administration had provoked a wildly negative reaction from Vladimir Putin, who had argued for years that the system was a potential threat to Russia. As a result of this decision announced today, a sophisticated radar system will not be built as previously planned in the Czech Republic, nor will 10 ground-based interceptors be installed in Poland.

Metaphorically speaking, I suppose this news means that, in the photo above, the planned missile defense shield in Europe is Vladimir Putin's shirt. In stark contrast, I bet that Poland and the Czech Republic are very worried that they have suddenly become that nag he's riding. Time will tell though whether it's really President Obama who's become the horse.

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