Friday, September 4, 2009

Don Imus To Join Fox Business Channel

The Fox Business channel has turned to controvertial talk radio veteran Don Imus to boost its flagging ratings. The upstart financial channel, launched by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp in October 2007 as a challenge to CNBC and Bloomberg, confirmed on Thursday that it would simulcast Imus’s syndicated radio show between 6am and 9am starting on October 5. Imus' radio show is currently simulcast on RFD TV, a channel that focusses on rural and farm issues. The most recent Nielsen figures available indicate that Fox Business channel averages 21,000 daytime viewers, while CNBC averages 232,000.
Is this an upward move for Imus? Or a lateral move? Or something else entirely?
It may end up being one of those ideas that, as in the old photo of Imus above, sounds fabulous as a hypothetical when first suggested; but then, later on, there ends up being a little more uncertainty in the smile than you'd have expected...

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