Saturday, September 5, 2009

The People of Walmart

Have you yet checked out the new website "People of Walmart"? It collects photos taken at various Walmarts that capture some of the more bizarre and/or eye-popping characters who haunt its aisles and parking lots.

Sure, some photos feature the predictable array of mullets and exposed coin slots that all of us have probably seen from time-to-time at a Walmart or at any other large retail chain anywhere in the country.

But boy-oh-boy are there also some real "eye poppers" posted here, too, including one of a woman nonchalantly wearing what appears to be a red sweatshirt with a large swastika emblazoned on the front. (What!?!) And who is that standing next to her in line?

Or the one of the old bearded man who looks a bit like Herman Melville from the neck up, but who just a bit further down appears to have had Dolly Parton-style breast implants.

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  1. WOW, what a great collection of Americana.