Friday, September 11, 2009

Shawne Merriman: What Not To Say

Details have now leaked into the press about what led up to the incident at 3:45 AM at Shawne Merriman's house on labor day weekend. Tila Tequilla has alleged that Merriman hit her and restrained her as she tried to leave his home after a long night of partying. Merriman was arrested that night based on these allegations.

Apparently, once the club in downtown San Diego closed for the evening at 2 AM, the two of them and a collection of Merriman's other friends went back to Merriman's house to continue the party. A couple of hours later, Merriman was nowhere to be found. Tila Tequilla went looking for him throughout the house and ultimately found him in bed with two other women, at which point Merriman apparently deadpanned to the bi-sexual Tequilla, "want to join us?"
This enraged Tequilla. So she stripped naked and ran out of the room, threatening on the way out to have sex with one of Merriman's friends and then to run naked through his neighbors' yards. It was the neighborhood streaking that Merriman was apparently really trying to stop when he "restrained" her (and not to keep her from driving away drunk, as originally suggested).

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