Sunday, August 5, 2012

Las Vegas Buffets: Numbers And An Epilogue

The buffet at the Bellagio in Las Vegas goes through 2,000 lbs of shrimp a day and over 1,400 lbs of crab legs, according to THIS 3 minute interview with the head chef posted on Yahoo!  It also uses 700,000 lbs of sugar a year (or 1,900 lbs a day).

That's pretty consistent with my impression of what's piled high on the typical plate at a Las Vegas buffet.  But it stands in sharp contrast to the presentation in THIS 1 minute promotional clip for the new 'Bacchanal' buffet at Caesar's Palace, which features extensive shots of the chefs hand-slicing tomatoes and baby asparagus, and preparing artisanal breads.

Where does all the uneaten food go that people leave on their plates at all of these over-the-top Las Vegas buffets? For decades all the casinos have apparently shipped it 12 miles away to R.C. Farms, where it's turned into slop for pigs.  That's 8,000 lbs of uneaten food a day. You can read more on the Business Insider HERE.  This article includes photos from (and a link to) a recent Travel Channel profile of the operation. (Completing the circle of life, those pigs are later slaughtered and sold back to MGM Resorts, apparently.)

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