Friday, July 27, 2012

Wife Unknowingly Burns $15K Stashed In Oven

An Australian man sold his Toyota Supra for $15,000 in order to make his mortgage payment, which was due the next day, and then stashed the money in the oven for safekeeping overnight, "because his wife never used it." But when his wife did pre-heat the oven to cook some chicken nuggets for the couple's two young daughters, she unknowingly burned up the cash.  You can read more in The Daily Mail HERE.

The Reserve Bank of Australia apparently has a policy on damaged notes, according to this article.  So all may not be lost. "'If several pieces of the same banknote are presented, the Reserve Bank's policy is for each piece to be worth a share of the value in proportion to its size,' the RBA policy reads. If less than 20 per cent of the note is missing, full face value is paid, but if between 20-80 per cent of the note is missing, it is valued in proportion with the percentage remaining. If more than 80 per cent of the banknote is missing, no payment is made."

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