Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sexual Harassment At The CIA

"Stories of sexual improprieties are infamous at some CIA stations, especially in high-stress areas. It is a civilian agency, and employees in war zones tend to work long hours, live in close quarters and let off steam by drinking alcohol after work," according to THIS article in today's Los Angeles Times

"Partly as a result of that, former CIA officers said, what would be considered workplace sexual impropriety at corporations and other government agencies has been tolerated at the CIA, and trysts between supervisors and employees are not unusual... In 1995, the agency paid $990,000 to settle a class action lawsuit by 450 women. The settlement included promotions for 25 female case officers and better assignments for 14 others. It included raises and other career-enhancing steps for 64 women."

...doing the math, the fact that each of the 450 plaintiffs in the 1995 class action were awarded an average of a mere $2,200, and that  only 40 of the 450 women received promotions or 'better assignments,' tells me that there's likely more to the story...

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