Friday, July 13, 2012

AWOL Jesse Jackson, Jr. Has Alcohol Problem

In addition to being his famous father's son, Jesse Jackson, Jr. is a Congressman from Illinois who has been on Capitol Hill for 17 years. But he has not been seen there for over a month.  His unexplained absence generated increasing concern and anger among his colleagues and Democratic party leaders, as he missed more and more votes.

Then came word a few days ago from his camp that the 47 year-old Jackson was suffering from "exhaustion." When that failed to satisfy the lingering questions, some further details were put out in a press release on Wednesday: he actually has a "mood disorder" for which he was being treated in Arizona.  That explanation, too, was greeted with skepticism, however, and raised more questions than it answered. His top Congressional aides tried to tamp down speculation with this firm denial in yet another press release, "...The rumors about him being treated for alcohol or substance abuse [are] not true."

But THIS 3 minute segment from the Today Show this morning explains that NBC News has spoken with multiple sources close to the Congressman and that Jesse Jackson Jr. is in fact in rehab for an alcohol problem while also being treated for depression.

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