Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stray Cat Led To Whitey Bulger's Arrest

How was 82-year old fugitive Boston mobster Whitey Bulger finally found in California after 16 years on the run? The Boston Globe has publicly revealed the story for the first time HERE.

It turns out that Bulger's long-time girlfriend, 60-year old Catherine Grieg, who was on the run with him, befriended a stray cat who lived outside their Santa Monica apartment building. As time went on, the two fugitives (living there as "the Gaskos") spent more-and-more time with the cat outside the apartment, because their rent-controlled building did not allow pets.  As a result, the couple, who otherwise kept to themselves, came to the attention of another resident, Anna Bjornsdottir, who happened to have been Miss Iceland in 1974. She thought the Gaskos were "nice" to spend so much time with the cat.  On a subsequent return visit to Iceland, she was watching CNN International and saw a story about the FBI's ongoing hunt for Whitey Bulger and his girlfriend, whom she immediately recognized as 'the Gaskos.'  And just like that, Bulger was arrested and Anna Bjornsdottir was $2.1 million richer.

All because a notoriously ruthless Irish mobster, suspected in at least 19 brutal murders, befriended a stray cat and then obeyed the apartment complex's rule about not having pets in the building.

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