Friday, October 7, 2011

CNN On 'Free Internet Sperm Donor'

The headline on today, "Virgin Sperm Donor Sires 10 Kids" caught my eye, in a 'Man Bites Dog' sort of way.  So I clicked on it.  And it just got more and more amazing from there.

The 'story' was actually a 3 minute video clip (that you can watch HERE) which is summarized as follows, "Joy Behar talks with 36-year old Trent Arsenault, who runs a website where he donates his sperm for free." (My first thought upon reading that was, "oh, and does he have a 'Breast Inspector' card in his wallet, too?")

I started the clip and was amazed when it actually began with a heavy set young woman talking with Joy about her experience using one of these 'free sperm donor' services.  She and the donor (a stranger) met at, no joke, a Starbucks.  A so-called 'expert' then assures an incredulous Joy Behar that, in fact, Starbucks is a very common meeting place for this. (Thereby ensuring that I never use a Starbucks bathroom again.)

Then Trent Arsenault is interviewed via what appears to be Skype.  If I close my eyes and try to imagine what a 'free internet sperm donor' might look like, I develop two distinct mental images.  And  Trent fits one of them to a tee, right down to the greasy proto-beard.  He then reveals that local authorities have shut down his enterprise.  "They issued a 'cease manufacture' order," Trent says matter-of-factly, and with a straight face.

You cannot make this stuff up.


  1. Ah, the endless power of the internet.

  2. You didnt mention the fact that he offers free, AI ony (no sex) known sperm donations. If you speak to children born through 'sperm bank' sperm you will realise that this is exactly what the children would be asking for. They can find out about their origins- their biological father- and meet him! - whereas the fertility authorities do not allow that- many still allowing for anonymous sperm donations.
    As the ONLY sperm donation connections site in the world to ONLY knowingly facilitate free, AI only known sperm donations FSDW support this man 100%. Now we know so much about what DC children want and need we should be exploring alternatives to options currently available through 'regulated' channels.
    The Child Listener™- A Voice for Kids
    Creator of FSDW (Free Sperm Donations Worldwide)
    - where Trent is also registered.
    Putting children first.