Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weiner's Facebook 'Friends' Interviewed

It was ABC News' pending on-camera interview last night with this 26 year-old Texas woman, Meagan Broussard, one of Anthony Weiner's surprising Facebook friends, and the photos of him that she provided to Andrew Breitbart and to ABC, that prompted the New York congressman to confess all at a press conference yesterday afternoon.

In this 4 minute clip from last night's program, the woman says that her online chat with Weiner became dirty within 3 days.  At one point, the interviewer, Andrew Cuomo, asks her how much of their interaction was sexual. "He would attempt all the time," she says. Do you think he's a bad guy, Cuomo then asks her. "I don't think he's a bad guy," she responds, matter of factly. "I just think he's got issues."

This morning the New York Post has published a much more explicit, R-rated article detailing Weiner's online chats with another woman, a 40 year old Las Vegas blackjack dealer named Rachel Weiss. You can read it HERE. This relationship allegedly began less than a month after his marriage last year. "[I'm] dying of boredom over here. Plus my tights really itch," is the least salacious thing Weiner is quoted as having said to her.

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