Friday, June 17, 2011

Fight At "Trader Joe's" Over Vegan Pad Thai

Had you heard the story about the two upper-class women who got into a fight at a "Trader Joe's" in New York City last year?  One is a doctor and the other a professional opera singer. The story caught my eye originally because it generated headlines suggesting that they were fighting over a box of 'Trader Joe's Frozen Vegan Pad Thai Dinner With Tofu.' As it turns out, that's a bit misleading.  The women ended up having an expletive-filled confrontation in the frozen food aisle of this Upper West Side grocery store because the husband of one thought that the son of the other was 'getting in his way.'  This led the two women to get in eachother's faces.  Ultimately, the opera singer slapped the doctor's face and the doctor had the singer arrested and charged with assault.

 A verdict was reached in the trial yesterday.  The opera singer was acquitted.  You can read more about it HERE in the New York Post. This article also has a photo of the doctor herself, Catherine London. Whenever I read news like this, my first thought is invariably that there must be more to the story.  What are the unreported details that contextualize it and make the whole thing seem more explicable and less crazy.

According to the New York Post, the doctor, Catherine London, is also the daughter of  fallen AIG mogul Hank Greenberg.

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