Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sperm Donors Are Unwitting "Super Dads" Later

THIS New York Post article today begins, "When he was a cash-strapped college student 20 years ago, Todd Whitehurst didn't think too deeply on the consequences of donating sperm...So far he has found nine kids sired by his sperm. Statistically speaking, said one biogeneticist, Whitehurst could be the father of 42 to 60 children. Thanks to a lack of industry regulation, high totals are all too probable, especially for prolific college kids like Whitehurst -- who donated weekly for about three years, for $50 a pop, at a clinic on the  Stanford University campus in the 1980s and '90s... One top seed in Virginia has sired an astounding 129 kids and counting, according to the Donor Sibling Registry, a nonprofit that helps connect families with biological fathers and siblings."

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  1. Enjoy your Father's Day with you kids. I think it's nice to have a big family, I used to have one but now it's down to just u kids, so enjoy your children while you can, and enjoy each momoent every day with them on all Holidays. Birthdays, Anniv. Etc., Again, Happy Father's Day!