Friday, September 23, 2011

The Man Nobody Knew, Bill Colby

A new documentary film has been released about former CIA director William Colby. Titled "The Man Nobody Knew," its been made by his son, Carl (who bears a striking resemblance to his father). Carl Coby has given a 7 minute interview to CBS News which you can watch HERE.  I particularly enjoyed the anecdote at the 2 minute mark about how Carl found out as a young boy that his father was a spy, and what his father said to young Carl in response.

Bill Colby was the head of the notorious Phoenix Program in Vietnam, and later, as head of the CIA, he revealed the CIA's darkest secrets to the Congressional Church Committee, an act many believe was devastating to the CIA's covert operations.  Years after that, in retirement, Bill Colby died in a mysterious boating accident.  All of this should make for a very interesting documentary.  You can watch the 2 minute trailer on You Tube HERE.

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