Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Russian Spies Drink Bud Light, Coors Light

The New York Daily News has published a collection of 10 family photos of two of the Russian spies arrested over the weekend who lived under the aliases "Richard and Cynthia Murphy." That's them at a suburban BBQ, enjoying hamburgers and canned beer.  They had two daughters while living here in the United States, allegedly on the instructions of their spymasters in  Moscow. You can view a photo of them with their daughters HERE.  

While the damage they have done to our national security will be analyzed in detail in subsequent months, what will likely receive less attention is the collateral damage this pair have done to their own family, which may well exceed the damage their spying has done to us.  Their daughters reportedly were unaware of their spying.  One daughter returned home from a party over the weekend to find FBI agents storming their family home and leading their parents out in handcuffs. The girls are currently being cared for by family friends.  Having been born in the United States, they are American citizens.  What will happen to them while their parents are in jail here and then when they are ultimately released and returned to Moscow? 

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