Monday, June 7, 2010

Jean Arp Died On This Date in 1966

Who is Jean Arp (at left) you might well ask? He was a French artist who co-founded (with several others) the art movement known as "Dadaism" during World War I.  To its adherents, Dada-ist works were not art, but rather "anti-art," a rejection of what they saw as the "bourgeois" cultural and aesthetic values that had led the world to war. Among the most famous such works are Marcel Duchamp's "ready mades": ordinary, everyday things displayed, unaltered, as works of art.  You can watch a 2 minute interview of Duchamp from 1966 HERE, wherein he discusses at some length his most infamous ready made, "Fountain."   What  it is may surprise you. 

While I knew his name, I was less familiar with Jean Arp's work. It's more traditional than Duchamp's "ready mades," and in a more recognizably surrealist style. You can watch a 4 minute slideshow of Jean Arp's artwork set to dance music by clicking HERE.

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