Thursday, June 3, 2010

Interview With "Flo" From Progressive TV Ads

Do you, too, feel bombarded by those seemingly omnipresent TV advertisements for Progressive Auto Insurance featuring a perky pitch-woman named "Flo"?  Doe they annoy you, too, every time they come on now because you've seen them all dozens of times?

Despite that, would you be interested to read a short interview with the actress who plays her, which focusses on the surprising public enthusiasm for the character?  If so, you can read it HERE.  I thought the only interesting part of the interview, though, was this:

"Courtney said her favorite Flo spot is the one with the 'guy with the man bag.' As for the one that elicits the craziest response, that would be the ad in which a husband lines up to buy a boat, motorcycle and RV insurance, and when his wife says, 'But we don’t have any of those things,' the husband looks at Flo, who exclaims: 'Surprise!'

“People were writing in: ‘Is Flo having an affair?’” Courtney said. 'I was so floored!'"

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