Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who Was That Pale Rider?

Yesterday morning as I was jogging in my neighborhood I saw a guy walking down the sidewalk toward me who looked strikingly like Clint Eastwood in this photo at left, only without the hat. He really caught my eye, though, because he was wearing a garish pink t-shirt and had a long, bright pink scarf wrapped jauntily around his neck.  I'd never seen him around before.  But he was walking with beleaguered purpose in the direction of a bus stop about a mile down the hill. As I ran past him, I couldn't help but notice that he was engulfed in a cloud of powerful women's perfume.

I live in a quiet suburban neighborhood.  The pedestrian traffic is usually pretty sparse, and typically limited to middle-aged dog walkers and early morning joggers.  So this guy stood out pretty starkly, what with his hot pink t-shirt and all that perfume.  Who was that man, I wondered? (Barely daring to speculate about what had brought him there.)

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