Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tiger Woods Slept With Neighbor's Daughter

Oh no, Tiger. Say it aint so?  According to a report in today's New York Post that you can read HERE, in addition to the VIP cocktail waitresses and porn stars, Tiger Woods also slept with the college-age daughter of one of his neighbors down the street from his Florida home. The girl was 14 years old when they first met, reportedly, and is now 22.  Some of the details are too prurient for me to write here.  But you can easily read them by clicking on that link to the article.  

Here's a small sample of less dirty detail. "He began making out with Coudriet inside his SUV Escalade -- the same car he would crash in his driveway on Thanksgiving weekend when his life became unraveled -- just yards from his home in Isleworth, Fla. He then took the girl to his office so they could have some privacy."  Oh, and of course there are more dirty texts from him.....

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