Friday, July 31, 2009

Obama Has A Bud Light

President Obama reportedly had a Bud Light during the "beer summit" at the White House yesterday. Is it pure coincidence that Bud Light also happens to be the best selling beer in America?
If the President doesn't really like beer at all, then his best choice politically would indeed have been Bud Light: it's American and it's the nation's favorite. Even more so if, as this photo suggests, he didn't really intend to drink a full beer anyway. So the taste is irrelevant. (Bud Light is not a favorite of mine either, Mr. President.) Did you notice how, in the video footage of this event released by the White House, the President repeatedly went after the pretzels and peanuts in those little silver bowls with much more gusto than he did that almost untouched glass of Bud Light languishing in front of him?

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