Monday, July 6, 2009

More Michael Jackson Insanity has a story today about a telephone interview that they conducted with the lawyer for Michael Jackson's live-in doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. (He's the one who is suspected of having administered multiple prescription drugs to "The King of Pop" in the hours and days before he died.)

During that telephone interview, this lawyer, Edward Chernoff, apparently asserted multiple times that Dr. Murray did not give Michael Jackson Demerol or OxyContin on the day he died, but, curiously, would make no comment about whether the doctor gave him Propofol. "I have no statement on whether the doctor prescribed or administered Propofol."

This non-denial made big news, apparently. As a result, a "spokesman" for Mr. Chernoff subsequently called TMZ in an apparent attempt to set the record straight. Ed Chernoff, "was not conscious" during that telephone interview, this spokesman explained, "he had just woken up and he can't speak for anything that was in the home." (This initial phone interview was apparently conducted at 11:15 PM.)

It's typical of the head-spinning insanity of "things Michael Jackson" that his doctor's lawyer has his own spokesperson.

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