Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Revelations About Europe's (Damned) Counterfeit Capital

"According to the ECB, since the euro was introduced in January 2002, more than half of the six-million-plus fakes withdrawn from circulation (well over 300 million euros worth) can be traced back to the clandestine print shops located in and around Giugliano, [Italy]."

"For as long as the 100,000 or so residents of Giugliano can remember, the town has been in the iron grip of the Camorra, the violent organised crime syndicate... The Mallardos also cornered a rewarding piece of the action in the hugely lucrative 'eco-mafia' racket that has seen millions of tons of highly toxic industrial waste trucked in from factories in northern Italy and illegally dumped on farmlands around Naples. One of Italy’s most fertile agricultural regions, whose beauty and serenity had entranced Goethe, was heavily contaminated by a devil’s cocktail of dioxins, asbestos, and lead and caustic solvents...  Giugliano was already at the centre of what the Italian media dubbed 'Il triangolo della morte'—the triangle of death. Rates of cancer, infant mortality and autism are now running far above the national average."

You can read more in Newsweek HERE

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