Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FBI Video of That Russian Spy Ring

Remember the long-time Russian Spy Ring that was busted last year, fronted by an attractive young redhead calling herself 'Anna Chapman'?  Yesterday the FBI released some of the hidden surveillance video they used to identify and implicate the spies.You can see some of the best clips during THIS 3 minute segment from CNN.

The video shows clearly how these spies used classic espionage techniques like brush passes and dead drops.  In the past, similar videos of spies caught-in-the-act have typically been very dated, featuring grainy black & white footage of middle-aged men in fedoras and trench coats at night.  I thought it was striking to see this modern video, clear and in full color, of attractive young spies in Starbucks on a sunny afternoon, wearing designer clothes; all while doing the same dirty business as those chain-smoking bald men from the 1960s.

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