Monday, July 12, 2010

More From Mel Gibson (Crazed Or Crazy?)

Another clip of a telephone conversation between Mel Gibson and his estranged girlfriend was released today by Radar Online. You can listen to it HERE. Mel Gibson sounds in this 8 minute clip like he has totally lost control of himself.  He's screaming at her and ranting until he's breathless.   

The headline-making part comes at the very end, when Mel Gibson seems to acknowledge that he had hit her in the face previously while she was holding their child in her arms.  ("You deserved it.") But I found another exchange perhaps as revealing.  When she asserts that he needs medication, Mel spits back, "Medication?!?  I don't need medication! You need a f**king bat to the side of the head!"  

At the risk of getting a bat to the side of the head, I must admit that I, too, think he sounds in this clip like he needs some medication.

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