Saturday, July 10, 2010

Listen To Mel Gibson's "Explosive, Racist Rant"

Mel Gibson's career in Hollywood might now be over in light of recent revelations that in conversations with his estranged girlfriend (which she taped), Gibson admitted hitting her ("because you deserved it") and then spouted a stream of threats and abuse at her including racial slurs. You can listen to a 2 minute segment of this taped conversation released just last night by Radar Online HERE. It's pretty shocking.  This is all on top of the anti-semitic remarks he admitted making when he was arrested for DUI in  2006.

I really loved the Road Warrior movies a kid, as well as the Lethal Weapon films. In 2003, Mel Gibson was actually set to star in a fourth Road Warrior movie to be called Fury Road. I was really looking forward to that.  But the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan preempted the filming, which was to start in Namibia, because of heightened security concerns.  And then Gibson went on to make The Passion of the Christ instead and never looked back. I had held out hope that he just might go back and do that film now, as a way to restore his public image.  

That is, until this morning.  After you listen to that audio, I think it's impossible to conceive of paying to see any future movie he appears in, or to believe him playing any such role. His talent agency, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, has also just dropped him following the release of this audio tape last night. 

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