Thursday, December 15, 2011

FCC To Ban Loud Commercials

Are you among the 86% of Americans who believe that TV commercials are jarringly louder than the TV shows themselves? I wrote previously HERE about this phenomenon.  According to this segment from the NBC Nightly News, the FCC has now announced plans to curb that practice.  Finally.  Though the ban won't take effect for a year, apparently.

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  1. Thanks to the new CALM act the FCC will be putting an end to loud TV ads. I think it's overdue and the FCC working to resolve all the loud commercials. The FCC is not the only one to step up and fix this issue. I like that I was able to use the Hopper from DISH as a demo the other day with my coworkers. This has built in TruVolume technology to fix them annoying volume fluctuations from commercials. This is great news to be able to record three things at the same time! This will make all of the hard choices go away when trying to decide which show to watch. I can watch a DVR recording from any TV as well as manage the DVR options. I can’t wait to add this to my employee service with DISH to get the best in house experience ever.